Fouta Djallon is the central area of the Republic of Guinea. It includes the entire Moyene Guinea, part of High Guinea and one of Low Guinea. It makes border with Mali and Senegal in north, Sierra Leone in the south and Guinea Bissau in the west. Several ethnic and religious groups of Guinea cohabit there in perfect harmony, namely: Badiarankés, Bassaris, Coniaguis, Diakhankés, Dialonkés, Malinkés, Peulhs, Soussous, etc. Before the colonial penetration, Foutah Djallon was a powerful theocratic State. Conscious that the development will not come from outside, emigrants from Foutah Djallon thought that it necessary to found in the United States, an organization called “POTTAL Fii BHANTAL FOUTAH DJALLON” to help bring back the economic prosperity, social and cultural of their area.